From the dates of October 27 – November 8 John Huth ran two different drives benefiting two different organizations. The first one was for Oasis – A Haven for Women & Children located in Paterson, NJ. It serves underprivileged women and children by running many after-school programs that help educate women and children to learn valuable life skills that can assist them later in life. There is also daycare for their infants/toddlers while their parent’s work/go to school. Additionally, they feed the over 100 kids after school every day a snack and dinner, there is also a food pantry on-site and a goodwill shop available for them, all at no cost to the kids. The impact that covid has had on this community severely hurt them and deteriorated all supplies. Oasis found itself helping thousands of families, not hundreds of families as they had in the past. They had a big need for food, so when John heard about this he chose to work with them to have a food drive to help out with their lack of resources. John was able to raise two cars full of food for those in Oasis.

The second fundraiser John ran was for the American Legion of Totowa, NJ. The American Legion is a nationwide organization that gives life-changing assistance and support to veterans and their families. This ranges from food donations, personal assistance, financial advice, disaster relief, and so much more. He has a lot of veterans in his family and he has recently started to see the mental health troubles so many veterans go through. So, John worked with the New Jersey Veterans Home located in Paramus, NJ to try and raise uplifting cards for Veterans Day to be distributed to the veterans.He believes that it is very important to help out veterans the same way they help us and these cards gave veterans a much needed smile in their days. He was able to raise about 100 cards that were distributed on Veterans Day.

He was very surprised about how many people were able to pitch into both of the drives and showed their support for issues that he cares very much about. He was able to raise so much with the help of his local church with its confirmation students, and his high school hockey team from the Passaic County Technical Institute.

John Huth