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Congratulations Henrik Lundqvist

1000s of hockey memories… and then there are all those life changing moments off the ice when you through your charitable work changed so many children and their families life to the better. This is a short glimpse in to some of those moments caught on camera.

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Henrik Lundqvist: ”Jag dubblar pengarna ni skänker”

Han är en av Sveriges mest framgångsrika idrottsprofiler någonsin. År 2021 tog Henrik Lundqvists karriär slut på grund av ett hjärtfel. Nu väljer han att starta sin egen insamling för den livsviktiga forskningen, tillsammans med Hjärt-Lungfonden och det svenska folket.

SCO’s RJM Children’s Center in Henrik’s Crease

On February 5th HLF in partnership with the Garden of Dreams Foundation hosted children from SCO's RJM Children's Center in Henrik's Crease for Rangers Black History Night. It was their first Rangers game and alum Steph Matteau stopped by.

Baughman Family Gift

A special surprise for the Baughman family from the NYR. The family was gifted, $10,000, on behalf of Chase and the New York Rangers and Henrik also surprised them and had a signed new jersey for them. The whole family was also able to meet Mika Zibanejad following the game as well.

Dear Henrik…

Dear Henrik, As you end your time on the ice, there are so many who you have impacted, and continue to impact, off of the ice. The time and dedication you give towards inspiring those around you goes further than you will ever know. This video, created by the HLF Young Ambassadors, is just a small glimpse of the life-changing impact you've had on those who look up to you and want to better their communities in the same way that you have for the past 20+ years. You may be leaving the ice, but your mark on the world will be forever. With gratitude- Team HLF & the HLF Young Ambassadors Video created by Julia Huth, HLF Young Ambassador, Class of 2018-19

Library at FUCPE

In 2020 HLF granted financial support to community partner Together For Better for a library at the FUCPE school in the Dominican Republic. The school wanted to create a mini-library containing textbooks and reference materials on mathematics, geography, history, and other foundational subjects. This library will supplement learning for all students at the FUCPE School, helping the Foundation FUCPE support child education for years to come.