In a world where people often keep their health struggles hidden it’s crucial to acknowledge the power of awareness and support. Teddy Gargano, a 2023 Henrik Lundqvist Foundation Young Ambassador, decided to make an impact by dedicating his independent service project towards mental health awareness and the familiarization of the newly revised Suicide and Crisis Lifeline three-digit number, 988. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline which was once a standard ten-digit number was shortened to just three numbers and accessible nationwide as of late 2022, to promote ease of access. Teddy knew how greatly important it was to familiarize individuals with the newly shortened number, so they would know to get help instantly if they, or someone they knew, were ever in need.

Teddy Gargano’s journey for advocacy for the mental health crisis is one that hits close to home. It all started when he witnessed the loss of two lives in his hometown of Darien, where two teenagers from the local high school tragically took their own lives just a few months apart. These incidents served as a reminder of the need for improved mental health support and resources within his surrounding community.

The bracelets sold were embroidered with the message, “You Are Not Alone”, as well as an emblem displaying the phone number, “988”. These weren’t bracelets Teddy sold; they reminded individuals that they are cared for and what steps to take when they or others needed help.

All proceeds will be donated to The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Program