Help the HLF Young Ambassadors and Alumni support our foundation’s Community Partner Together For Better! The TFB FUCPE School in the Dominican Republic needs updated bathrooms and sanitation facilities. Learn more by reading YA Alumni Luke’s article below. To DONATE CLICK HERE.

On June 2nd, I was given the opportunity to learn about and interact with Together For Better along with fellow HLF Yong Ambassadors and alumni. In this virtual zoom class, ambassadors and alumni got the opportunity to talk to Ebba Lövenskiold, the founder and operator of the Together For Better organization.

Ebba shared that she had gone to visit the Dominican Republic for vacation and saw the poor conditions for Haitian children and the lack of a proper education. Ebba created Together For Better to help raise funds for educational tools and supports, as a non-profit organization.

The main belief of this organization is to make sure all Dominican and Haitian children get equal education and are able to use learning as a way to escape poverty and the hardships of life. Over time, Ebba and her team, along with financial support from HLF, were able to build a large playground at FUCPE school in La Romana. Prior to this, children were not able to play because they had over 250 children and no safe place to play. So far, Together For Better has been able to build 3 schools, 2 playgrounds and provide all types of supplies and materials to run the schools, including hiring teachers.

Although lots of progress has been made in the DR/Haitian area, Together For Better, in partnership with the HLF Young Ambassadors, has started a campaign to fundraise for proper restrooms and sanitation facilities for the FUCPE School.

The current goal is to raise $17,600 to install these restrooms. You can support us in reaching this goal by clicking HERE.

Any donations would be much appreciated as it will help change the lives of the kids in the Dominican Republic through proper education! Thank you for reading!


Written by HLFYA Alumni Luke Fischetti