My name is Luke Fischetti and for my Henrik Lundqvist service project I decided to do a soccer equipment collection for underserved communities. I decided to do this because I have a great love for soccer, and it is one of my main passions. I never had to worry about getting new gear or needing cleats for a game and I want others in the world to feel that way as well.


My concern was being able to ship all of the equipment once it was collected. After researching on the web, I decided to reach out to Samba360. Samba360 is a not-for-profit organization that collects and ships soccer equipment worldwide to places like Brazil, and Ukraine.


After reaching out to Samba360 and partnering, I collected 70 pairs of cleats, 30 soccer balls, and approximately 100+ jerseys, socks, and shin guards. The best part for me was going on the Samba360 website and seeing kids worldwide wearing equipment that I collected with giant smiles on their faces.


Written by 2023 HLFYA Luke Fiscetti