Cranberry Lake Nature Preserve in Westchester County, NY is used daily by countless people of all ages, and enjoyed for its pristine views of nature. With constant use, bridges, boardwalks and puncheons are bound to deteriorate and pose a safety hazard across the 190-acre preserve.

As a child, Young Ambassador Robert Yardley noticed this issue while attending summer camp at the park, and recently, acted.

Working with Conservationists at the Preserve, Robert created a system to document trail conditions at the park and determine what areas need maintenance and/or improvement to ensure that the Park will continue to be enjoyed safely for many years to come.

Using the EpiCollect5 software, the exact geocoordinates of specific structures that are deteriorating or pose a safety hazard to those who enjoy the park were documented, along with the specific issue and description of the structures with photographs.

Although the project has now been completed, park officials and volunteers will be able to utilize the created program to document any problematic structures efficiently themselves for years to come.

With this system in place, funds, resources and manpower can now be distributed most efficiently and precisely across the entirety of the preserve.


Written by 2022 HLFYA Robert Yardley

Jillian Wexler

School: 12th Grade

Person Who Inspires Me: Henrik Lundqvist and my parents