When considering what I wanted to do for my Independent Service Project, I thought back about what I loved most… that being reading! Growing up I was an avid book reader and continued reading in the classroom here at school. I knew a book drive would be of great interest to me, so I did some research on areas and specific book drives that I could donate my books.

I came across “Books for Africa” and read about their fundraising effort via their website. Their goal is to collect books for several donations in order to become the largest shipper in Africa. The magnitude of their fundraising efforts made me inclined to chose this foundation to donate to.

I reached out via email to my neighborhood and people I knew within my town in Greenwich, CT along with where my grandma lives and I visit often in Guilford, CT. I was able to collect several bags of books and have recently shipped them to Books For Africa. I hope to make a change in young students lives, whether that’s reading a new book or having more materials for school work!

Written by 2022 HLFYA MK Braun