The domestic violence crisis center based in Stamford, Connecticut, has helped children and
families for over 40 years. They do this through providing services like counseling, advocacy,
and having safe houses for children in need. In these safe houses, holidays are not always a
time of celebration and love like they should be. Halloween is a time where children can be
whatever they would like to be, as well as being given the chance to get candy and have some
fun. This is why it’s important the kids in these safehouses have both costumes and candy so
they can have the fun halloween experience they deserve. These safehouses do not always
have the resources required to get all of these things to the children, which explains why it’s
important these children get both costumes and candy.

In the middle of October, Henrik Lundqvist Foundation youth ambassador Luke Frame contacted
a DVCC representative asking about the oppurtnity of a halloween drive, and they were happy
to recieve help from Frame. The DVCC asked for halloween costumes and a few bags of candy,
giving sizes along with it to help with the drive. Luke turned to his community, sending out
emails and telling friends to spread the word. Through coaches, teachers, friends, and family,
Luke was able to gather over 15 costumes in multiple sizes and genders.

He was very happy with the contributions from his community, especially because the domestic
violence crisis center only asked for just under 10 costumes. Luke remembers people he did not
know very well donating, saying they were willing to donate to such a good cause, especially
because Luke and his classmates remembered their own childhood, one sprinkled with dozens
of bright and fun Halloween nights.

“It was nice knowing so many people were willing to donate to a cause even if they don’t know
the person who was hosting the drive – it’s nice to see your community come together for the
greater good, even when it may be out of their comfort zone.”

Written by 2022 HLFYA Luke Frame