Brett Sylvester, a sophomore at Greenwich High School, is not only a hockey player and coach, but a gamer. A few years ago, he saw his older sister’s boyfriend come down with brain cancer. This young man spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and at home in bed. While he was not able to see his friends sometimes, he was able to stay connected with them through gaming.
Fast forward to this year when Brett had to come up with an idea for his ISP. “Brett’s games for Kids” was born out of his love for gaming but also remembering his sister’s boyfriend and what he went through. Realizing that while those of us in this area are typically very fortunate, a lot of people are not and cannot afford a gaming device of their own. Being able to help other sick children have fun with their friends and be able to stay connected seemed fitting.
Brett started by word of mouth with his neighbors and social media. His former youth hockey program, where he currently helps coach the Mite teams, the Greenwich Skating Club, then sent an email out to the membership asking for assistance. They were instrumental in helping Brett achieve his goal of over $2600 worth of gaming pieces which will all be donated to Make-A-Wish.
Brett will continue to volunteer and give back for years to come. It was an honor to be chosen to be a youth Ambassador and an experience he will never forget.

Written by 2022 HLFYA Brett Sylvester