One of the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation’s main purposes is to strive “to create positive change in the lives of children and adults throughout the world through education and health services.” On June 14th, 2022 HLF Young Ambassadors and program Alumni had the privilege to meet with professionals at Bespoke Education to learn about the importance of tutoring, coaching, and education. Education is important because it allows people to access the power of knowledge, which can improve the quality of one’s life and provide more opportunity. One of the ways that Young Ambassadors can make a difference in the world is by sharing our knowledge with the younger generation, our peers, and even adults.

During the event, Young Ambassadors were able to learn about different aspects of tutoring, and the importance of effective ways to share knowledge. Although we learned that everyone has a different approach, there are some basic “building blocks” that lead to success as an educator. We were taught that using encouraging language, motivating students to think and come to their own conclusions is much more engaging and productive rather than just lecturing and overwhelming students with information. By giving students the power to come to their own conclusions, they will be a lot more successful than if they just have to study and remember information. This is definitely something all of us could relate to, as we often learn better from the teachers that engage students and encourage thinking.

As someone who volunteers as a junior coach at my local hockey program, this event taught me useful new techniques and strategies that I could adapt to my coaching style. I am looking forward to using what I learned during the event when coaching!


The event with Bespoke Education was truly a great and helpful experience for the Young Ambassadors! Thank you for educating us on how to be inspiring and effective educators!


Written by Ilan Shterenberg, HLFYA Class of ‘22