The House in Huddinge is the oldest House in Sweden (opened 1993) and despite being the smallest House with only 14 family rooms, it is the one that cares for the greatest amount of families per year – around 900 -1,100 families. Since opened, it has been a temporary home to over 21,000 families. In 2019 the house started the journey of a much-needed, full renovation of the House. HLF in 2019 financed the renovation of the kitchens and in 2020 supported the renovation of 8 family rooms.

Each family checking in to RMH gets their own family room, basically a large bedroom to fit up to 8 adults, with a hallway, a big closet, and a private bathroom. Apart from the bathrooms, basically nothing has been done with the family rooms over the years.

For all rooms the house needed to:

– Sand and varnish the wooden floors

– Repair cracks and paint walls and ceilings

– Change most furniture (beds, shelves, desk, cabinets, and lighting)

– Go over all power outlets

– Change lighting and details in the bathrooms


Below are some pictures of the incredible result of the renovation.