HLFYA Alumni Carly attends Fordham University Rose Hill campus in the Bronx and noticed an unfortunate number of people without shelter, sleeping in the streets and trying to survive the cold weather. She thought of a way to help by creating weatherproof huts that serve as little shelters and protection for the rain and cold.

Carly went to Home Depot and bought PVC pipes and their connectors, plexiglass, heavy duty plastic wrap, zippers, glue, light strip, batteries, and tape. First, she made a frame with the PVC pipes and connectors. Then, she glued the panel of plexiglass to make the top. She then taped the plastic wrap sheets to each side for protection. Then, she taped a zipper to the front and glued on battery operated light strips to the roof interior. It was all sealed together with heavy duty weatherproof tape. The huts were light in weight but sturdy and sealed.

Carly dropped these huts off in the Bronx near her campus in mid-November. Individuals were grateful for the makeshift shelters and immediately got into them.

If you have any questions or would like to know how you can get involved with something like this in your community, you can email Carly at capeterson25@gmail.com

Written by HLFYA Colin Wilkinson