Anderson Center for Autism (Anderson), founded in 1924 by Dr. Victor V. Anderson, is located in Staatsburg, New York. Anderson’s mission is “Optimizing the Quality of Life for Individuals with Autism.” Anderson serves as a valuable resource to families, the autism community, and public organizations by providing education, information, support, and outreach services. Anderson has both a school and housing on its campus and also provides adult housing and community-based day programming off-campus.

During these unfortunate times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anderson needed air purifiers to help keep their residents and staff safe. Anderson’s student campus residences and off-campus adult housing had HVAC systems designed for typical home use. Two air purifiers placed in common areas in each house would greatly improve air quality within the homes, which is critical during this time of COVID-19.

2021 HLF Young Ambassador Connor started a fundraiser on to help raise money to purchase the air purifiers and filters. His fundraiser idea was sparked by an HLF alumni who did a fundraiser based on pledges per save he made in a certain number of hockey games. Connor was inspired and set up his fundraiser during his Spring soccer season. Donors could pledge a certain amount per save he made in goal during his soccer games, or they could pledge a flat amount. Connor asked family members, friends, community members and teammates to donate to his fundraiser. He also spread the word about his fundraiser on social media.

Connor raised over $6,000 and was able to help provide approximately 6 air purifiers.