After Joining the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation (HLF) as a Young Ambassador, Aidan Poole, a sophomore at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School from Nutley, New Jersey, got directly to work on his independent service project (ISP) for the foundation. Because of his love for reading, he settled on a book drive to support the Bridge of Books Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to gifting books to underprivileged communities within New Jersey focused on kids and teenagers  under the age of 18, he started his work. Knowing it would make a great impact on their lives and literacy rates within the communities, he set out to have a great book drive, aiming for 2,000 books.


Starting his ISP, Aidan contacted many different sources to help him, creating a mini book drive within his former elementary school, Spring Garden School, and his high school, Saint Peter’s Prep, a collection bin within local deli, Petracco And Sons, and the Nutley Public Library to donate leftover books from an upcoming book sale. Equipped with the collection bin, an Amazon Wish List, and a whole lot of zeal, Aidan launched the book drive. Starting off by promoting the book drive through social media and finding people online in the community giving away books, he collected at a steady pace, poised to reach his goal. Despite the initial success of the book drive, he could not predict the hit it would become. Books flooded into Aidan’s drive, being collected by the hundreds after the start of the in school book drives, quickly overloading his basement. With a resounding total of 5,350 books raised, Aidan ended his ISP, packaging up the books, and donating them to the Bridge of Books Foundation.


Aidan’s commitment to seeing change through his efforts drove the book drive into being a smashing success. Because of Aidan’s book drive, hundreds of children and teenagers within New Jersey will have access to brand new books for them to enjoy. He wishes for everyone reading to try and help donate books to the Bridge of Books Foundation and continue support for them despite his book drive coming to a conclusion.


Written By – Aidan Poole