Crayons, pencils, markers, etc…the start to any new school year.  For most…yes, but with the rising costs of so many things including basic school supplies, going without them is a reality for many children.  But what happens to these children who don’t have those very basic supplies needed for a successful school year?  They are the children who go to school on the first day and see the others with their fancy new supplies and wish they had some too.  They are the children who go to school on the first day and listen to the teacher tell the class what supplies are required for school and again they wish they had some too.  They are the children who return on the second day, the third day, and all the days after wishing that somehow, they too could be like the other children in their class.

After learning about many children in his own area, who did not have even the most basic school supplies, Vincent set out to change that.  He was able to plan and execute a school supply drive for students in his area.  He created flyers, set up collection boxes in various locations, and even worked with several teachers including his own mother who helped him organize this vision.

After several boxes were filled, and the generous supply donations rolled in, Vincent was able to fill 130 backpacks with every type of school supply available.  Once these bags were filled and ready to go, Vincent delivered them to local pediatric health care providers for distribution to local children.  Upon meeting with these health care providers, he got to see that this project will make a positive impact and will help level the playing field for all children no matter their families’ economic status.

This service project gave Vincent a first-hand look at how the Foundation’s mission of making positive changes in the lives of children and adults can begin with just one person who wants to make a difference.

Written by 2022 HLFYA Vincent Henrickson