Reading is very important for kids and young adults and is a useful, if not critical, skill. Having access to a variety of books as a child is extremely important. Reading can help develop your memory, brain function, increase knowledge, and many more important things. Together for Better believes that learning changes lives, and that children in the Dominican Republic should have equal access to an education. Together for Better achieves this by donating reading material and other school supplies to 400 children annually.  Additionally, they have built three school buildings and installed two playgrounds.

Colin Wilkinson, a 2021 Henrik Lundqvist Foundation Youth Ambassador, has partnered with Together for Better to collect books for kids to help achieve Together for Better’s mission. Colin worked with them to develop an Amazon Wish List of books for readers of all ages. He asked for donations from friends and family and used social media to spread the word on how to support his efforts. As of November 1st, he has collected 150 books for children of all ages up to 12th grade. These books will be shipped to the Dominican Republic soon.

Colin and Together for Better’s efforts will provide children across the Dominican Republic with a variety of books to help further their education. The 150 books are in English and Spanish and cover a variety of topics to include history, fiction and nonfiction. These books will primarily help students develop their literacy, vocabulary, knowledge, and so much more throughout their childhood.

Written by HLFYA Colin Wilkinson